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529 uptown

restaurant and wine bar

Walking through the sweeping glass doors to 201, imagine a fresh-baked scone and a latte to greet you on the right—that’s the new 529 Uptown Coffee. On the left, a chef-inspired menu pays homage to 529’s legacy with contemporary Japanese steakhouse inspiration that will introduce a fresh culinary voice—that’s the new 529 Uptown Restaurant and Wine Bar. Finally, imagine riding the escalator down one level to the concourse to satisfy that mid-day pang with the perfect burger—that’s 529 Burgers in the 201 concourse.

529 Uptown

529 Uptown builds on 529 Wellington’s reputation of excellence while distinguishing itself through sleek design and a unique concept that takes the Japanese steakhouse as its inspiration.

Settle into the sun-soaked mid-century modern space that doesn’t spare one detail—from the perfectly paired wine list offering premium selections by the glass using the singular WineEmotionTM preservation system to Chef Östen Rice’s carefully crafted menu inspired by the best Japanese steakhouses in the world.

Hours: Monday to Friday, 11:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

529 Uptown Menu